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About us

Aquazilla waterpark is a floating island made of interlocked floating modules. You will find stairs, suspended ladders, trampolines, flip bags, slides and a whole range of different obstacles. Race your friends and family, or casually relax on the water while your kids jump around; this inflatable park will make you live a whole range of emotions. Your day at the beach will never be this entertaining!

Our mission

We aim to create unforgettable moments for those who choose to embark on the adventure. We want to make Aquazilla the beach attraction the most solicited by children…..and adults! Accessible to all, we want to make it the essential activity of the summer for the entire family.

Our values

At Aquazilla, spending quality time between friends and family are values we live by. Swimming is also a big part of our lives. This is why we find it vital that our children learn to swim at a young age. These values contribute to the fulfillment of our mission and are decisive in the accomplishment of our successes.

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